Family flavours

We share the goodness and authenticity of the Oliviero’s Family tradition. For generations we have been preserving and passing on recipes and techniques to new generations since 1994.

Our philosophy is taking care of our customer as they were family, striving for transparency and environmental sustainability.

We aim to offer products that always meet our high-quality standard and respect for the pastry art.

We focus on the selection of the right ingredients, as we believe that high-quality ingredients give the finest products.

Thanks to our experience and passion, our products are crafted looking back at the tradition but still offering new experiences.

The factory si in Ospedaletto D’alpinolo, a well-known Irpinia Valley village famous for its history of outstanding tradition of confectionery and pastry. It sits at the bottom of the Montevergine Sanctuary.

Our state-of-the-art machinery maintains the craftsmanship of the products:

The technology marries our traditional recipes. This harmony gives to our products tastiness and sweetness, going back to when our grandmas used to prepare these same recipes with passion and loving care.

Family flavours, special moments to remember#

We want to share with you all the passion for goodness and the love of our land.